Monday, September 18, 2006

Surprise, surprise, surprise...

So yesterday Jim and I went in for our bi-monthly midwife appointment. Standard routine: checked all of my stats, blood pressure, heart rates (mine and hers), measured the belly (growing on schedule), etc. Then Hilary, my oldest friend who just so happens is also the midwife student looking after us, asked if we wanted to have another ultra sound. We were going to say no because, well, we didn't figure it is too healthy to keep assaulting the poor baby with all of that heat and energy and we knew that she was healthy, but Jim decided that he really wanted to see her again since it has been nearly 3 months since our last viewing. Ok, so, yes please Hilary.

We go into the examination room with the u/s machine and the head midwife of the center, Shari, comes in. She starts out by showing us that the baby is now in a head down position (yay!). Then she asked us what gender the doctor up in Toronto had told us the baby is. So, of course, proud as can be I said, "she's a girl". Well, apparently that is not the consensus. Shari said that she saw some protruding parts that as she put it, "I know I don't have". Hilary also says that she thought she saw some items that looked suspiciously male. Jim said he definitely saw something between the legs where he knew he had definitely not seen something 11 weeks ago. Personally, I could just make out the head and saw a little foot, but couldn't really identify parts beyond that... the resolution wasn't the best. Of course that dangling bit may have been a thumb or an umbillical cord, so we're now in a wait and see pattern.

But the summation of this story is that Morgan Jade may actually be an Owen Shae after all. Shari said that we could have another u/s done on Tuesday when we come back in for the birth class just to have another look and see, but to be honest, I'm not into it. As you may or not recall, back in April I posted up a survey to see how many people thought we should find out the gender of the baby. This was done because Jim wanted to know and I did not. The viewer results were locked in a dead heat, but Jim got his way and we asked the gender on the "big" ultra sound back in June. Well, we tried it his way and now we get it my way. Little Bear is officially back to being Little Bear until further notice, that is when s/he appears in November and the announcements are made.... although my father has decided that Mowen is a good compromise between Morgan and Owen.

So, only one short week after Uncles Dave, Rich and Anthony (Rich, how's that for perpetuating the myth?) secured approval to call the baby M.J. instead of Morgan (it was a VERY limited approval list), M.J. may no longer exist. Good thing I said absolutely no pink, eh?


Anonymous said...

Hey kids~
Mother nature is playing with you both because you peeked ahead of time. Don't like Mowen...Let's bring back "Abel Cable."
BYW...can we buy pink if she is a he?
Donna san

Paige said...

no. no pink. lol