Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New things everyday

Before we had Morgan I would never have found the things that thrill me now nearly as exciting. For example, she has found her hands! She now has them in her mouth almost all the time. She hasn't quite figured out how to stick the thumb out but she's working on it. Along with this new found discovery comes the ability to play with her. Morgan now likes to lie on the floor and have things dangled over her head. She has figured out how to bat at things and can now actually grab on and make it look like it's not a mistake. :). She's currently working on being able to shove things in her mouth but she often misses and hits her nose instead. This always causes her to blink rapidly in surprise.

Another favorite past time is lying on the changing table and flirting like a mad woman with the drawing of Horton (left wall) that Jim put over her changing table. She is almost able to giggle but is not quite there yet. Her attention span is increasing but she gets easily bored and wants you to entertain her differently. She's taken to enjoying Jim or I reading to her. Naked girl time, however, is still her personal favorite.

Another new development of the past 3 days is that Morgan prefers to be held upright, this includes being propped in a seated position and being propped up with her hands on my shoulder looking around her. Her curiosity knows no bounds. It really is amazing to watch her grow and develop right in front of my eyes.

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