Thursday, April 06, 2006

Name suggestions are now being taken

Although we still don't know LBC's gender (and whether we will find out ahead of schedule is still up for debate) we are currently entertaining name suggestions. Feel free to chime in. A sense of humor is fine, but we're actually looking for real possibilities. Examples of possible LBC names:

Zoe Elise Cable
Morgan Jade Cable

Owen Shae Cable
Miles Shae Cable

If LBC is a boy, his middle name is predetermined (as is the last, to be sure) so first name suggestions are all we're looking for...

Donna, Fritzy is not an option. Nor are Mable or Able. :D


Hilary said... Mable Cable?

How about Enola Vignola?

Anonymous said...

I will try to get over the Fritzie?
At least Hilary has some taste.

Auntie D

Anonymous said...

LBC Ideas
Like the biblical flavor?
Sara, Leah, Nathaniel, Aaron, Jacob
or more modern,trendy?
Madison, Blaise, Evan, Justin
BTW, Hilary probably has thousands of hours of experience with baby naming *wink*
Love LBC blog and y'all,

Paige said...

oh no no no. biblical names are right out of the ball park. none of that, thank you. :D

Mythological ones are still in the realm of possibility but I can't see Jim agreeing to Isis or Gawain.... lol

Anonymous said...

This is so excting, after talking to your mom ten minutes ago, via telephone she walked me through LB first webpage. touching, I feel kinda jipped knowing I had to wait until I was 18 to get my own. lol. I say find out the gender. Think of the possibilities of clothing, room colours, outfits to match LB (even though Im sure your not into this kinda thing) And you mom came up with a great name which could work for both genders, madison..then again i dont like the short form Maddi..
Oh and the parental pictures, lovely but after viewing this page you cant call Jim he computer nerd anymore, youve developed into a beautiful punk geek.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, didnt realize I had to leave a name,
Its your step sister, the one in toronto you never see. Im still alive though, and now i know you are too.
PS Ill be the best durn step-aunt around.

Anonymous said...

Love Zoe and Alicia for the girl and possibly Greg for the boy but Greg Cable ain't working for me.
Hey -there's another aunt??? I bet she isn't a "great" aunt- Aunt Ang

Anonymous said...

What happened to Kermitina?

Anonymous said...

off the topic of baby names, but i think we need more belly shots. and not the tequila type. :)

Paige said...

heh. working on it. I am, but it's been difficult to get JIm to get up early enough in the morning to take a picture before I leave for work.

Anonymous said...

My personal favorite is Mable Cable, but I also like Morgan Elise. If you are open to suggestions, I would like to add "Carissa Elise" and "Keira Elise" to the list . . .

Pooka said...

ISIS rocks! I love that name!

And no worries, LP, I have a hard time talking Melissa into either of my top choices either: Eris or Azrael.

JADE is one I considered for my own future daughter, who will have my initials M.J.S. Stoetzer as well.

Miles is very nice for a boys name, but I think Kermit/tina will cause much ass-beatings in elementary school.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least one mystery guest likes Mable Cable. Now, I do appreciate a person with good taste like mine.
Great Auntie D...
Maybe Kermitina is way ass-beatings for our baby!

Anonymous said...

Hey Paigey!

Here's some belated congrats on you & Jim's soon-to-be "Little Bear!" Woo-hoo!

Anyway, here's my two cents on baby names: why not Morgan Shae Cable? Morgan IS a boy's name too!

If you don't agree, how about Gage Shae Cable? I was going to say Jage ("J" from "Jim" and "age" from "Paige"), but that doesn't sound like any name I've ever heard. Then I remembered sometimes, in the English language, "g" can sound like "j" in some words. Inventive of me, n'est-ce pas? What do you think?

bon chance!