Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Gender Question

Ok, so we're getting a little ahead of ourselves here, but why not? ;)

Should we find out the gender of Little Bear in advance or wait until the Big Day?
find out as soon as possible!
wait it out and be surprised.
have one of us know and the other not.
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Paige said...

This has become a question around the house as I want to wait and have a surprise but Jim wants "more data". :) He's such a geek. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I personally love surprises...
I want to offer some other names if you can indulge me. In the Smithsonian, we saw the "real" Kermit the frog. How about..
boy...Kermit James Cable or
girl..Kermitina Zoey Cable.
Now, that's different.

Paige said...

Kermitina???? lol. original, yes. That I can't deny. lol

Anonymous said...

Back to the drawing board...
Meant to tell you that the photo of your stomach...
I haven't had a stomach that good sonce kindergarten. Where's the gene pool when you need one?
Say hi to Abel and/or Mabel.

Anonymous said...

I think you should wait since you have already decided no pink or blue so it doesn't matter. There are no surprises anymore. Bridal registeries, baby registeries everyone wants to know in advance. Life can become very boring. I remember when you and Dave were born and Grandma and Grandpa jumping up and down when they were told. Hey you asked

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with the previous anonymous comment that surprises are few and why not enjoy the excite-
ment of opening a wrapped present? Life doesn't have to become boring unless you make it so. This grand-
ma is happy for all "blessings."

Pooka said...


You can call me what you like, but I will just cite the mistakes of my own dysfunctional parents for your enjoyment. Thanks.

Now, my reasoning to suggest finding out right away is simple. DISPEL any illusion, fantasy, or falsehood that may constitute your first unreasonable expectation upon your first child: "I love LBC but I wish s/he was a girl/boy." Great, condemn the little tyke to gender identity discorder and years of therapy cuz you had an unreasonable expectation of what their gender should or might have been. Basic psychology dictates that birth order and parents' reaction to gender surprises will have a huge impact on LBC' psyche. The ethical and responsible thing to do is to prevent damage before it starts. You dont have to tell anyone else what LBC is until LBC is born.Get that dysfunctional timeline out of the way already and bite the bullet. You're parents now, own up to what you've created. As much as I preach to live in the moment, LBC IS GOING TO CUT YOU A WHOPPING REALITY CHECK as is. Make it easy on yourselves.

#2... whether or not you like it or not, other people, especially your family, are going to begin shopping right away for LBC. Why not save yourselves all those hours standing in line to return/exchange your baby's first drag wardrobe for something more productive, like, mama spa day?

#3 You will increase the amount of time you spend thinking of names, clothes, themes, etc., for the appropriate gender, instead of reverting to medieval techniques of baby-scrying or again deluding yourself outside of a factual framework.

I know what enlightened and stubborn individuals you are, and that you will probably go right on into the bickering over names phase of the game, please consider carefully your own feelings, and that of your future teenager.

Uncle Pooka