Saturday, July 01, 2006

And we have a name

Jim and I have done a lot of thinking about this and have come up with a name suitable for our little girl. The world will meet Morgan Jade Cable this November. Since all of the books say that Morgan can now hear external voices, Jim has taken to reading chapters of Winnie the Pooh to her nightly. We're thinking of adding Dr. Seuss to her repertoire. We've been discussing a Seuss style for her nursery instead of Pooh since Jim thinks that Pooh is just too common. :)

I may eventually change the name of the site to Morgan's Page, but for the moment we're keeping the LittleBear since, well, I've become quite attached to it. However, Jim is determined that Morgan will recognize her name in his voice by the time of her birth, so he's preparing her already.


Stacie said...

OK, I love, love, love the name.

We do "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" for our night-time reading.

Anonymous said...

I am currently mourning the loss of "Mabel" which BTW is a very respectable name.
Love you
Pooh is for sissys...