Friday, March 23, 2007

Project NSN

So, from the day we brought her home from the birthing center Morgan has slept swaddled. Now that she is 4 months old, is beginning to rollover (yes, she is.. I'll put up a separate post about that when she successfully does it with no help), and has managed to escape form nearly every swaddle I have ever wrapped her in, I've decided it is time to break the habit.

Enter Project NSN (no swaddle nap). Today is day one and oh. my. god. is it ever hellish. We are now working on our third nap of the day (admittedly I chickened out for the first nap and just wrapped her up like normal) and it is killing the both of us. Each time I put her down for a nap she inevitably smacks herself in the nose with a free flailing arm and wakes up. And when she wakes up, she wakes up angry. None of this cute baby business. Morgan has morphed into Regan for the day.

Nap #2 took over a half an hour of work to get her down. The nap lasted 20 minutes.

Nap #3 took over 45 minutes to get her down. She is currently still sleeping (10 minutes later) but, please, Murphy, take pity on me and don't punish me for my statement.

My main concern with her still being swaddled is that since she is able to break out of it at night, I worry that she will end up with a lot of loose bedding around her face increasing the risk of suffocation. My second concern is that since she is starting to roll over, if her arms are constricted she will roll over onto her belly (she has an extraordinary leg kick maneuver which hurtles her upper body over without using her arms) and not be able to push herself up or get back onto her back. (Yes, I realize the paranoia that is coming out of me, but lay off, this is my first baby and I'm naturally high strung.) Thirdly, since Miss Morgan still really does not like to be down for tummy time, I fear that the swaddle might delay the development of her upper body strength. (yes, I do realize how absurd that last fear sounds.)

Anyway, Project NSN is underway. And I'm way too much of a chicken shit to attempt this particular feat at night. (read: I've gotten used to peaceful nights with only one waking.)

The up side is that she is damned cute when she throws her arms up above her head when she sleeps. If I didn't think it would wake her up, I'd take a picture of her.

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