Monday, March 19, 2007

She HATES the car!

For the first 2 or 2 1/2 months of her life I was convinced that Miss Morgan was going to be a world traveler. She loved being in the car. The moment you put her in her seat she would happily kick around and when she learned to make happy baby noises she cooed until she fell asleep. Well, those days are over.

Of late my charming daughter has started rehearsing for her operatic career whenever she gets put into her car seat. Wow, does she ever have the lung power. She hits notes I didn't even know existed. The real drawback to this (aside from the torment involved for both of us with the car screaming trick) is that Morgan will scream herself into a state of exhaustion and inevitably pass out 5 minutes before we reach our destination. Now, this is a problem because if she falls asleep in the car she will wake up the moment she is taken out of the car and once she's awake she simply WILL NOT go down for a nap again, even if her previous nap was only 5 minutes in length. She is just sure that if she fell asleep she has done her job even if she did not get enough rest.

If sleep is for the weak, my girl is signing up for the World's Strongest Baby competition.

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