Sunday, June 03, 2007

Friday Night Date night

Friday night my mother and step-father drove down to our house to babysit MJ for the night. Thrill of thrills! We had a babysitter on a Friday night. So what romantic getaway did we plan? Was it a candlelit dinner on the bay? A hand in hand stroll along South Beach?

No. We went to an infant CPR class. So much for romanticism.

Now that MJ is 6 1/2 months old (my god, has time really gone that quickly?) I thought it was about time to get my ass in gear and take a safety course. Yes, I should have done it ages ago, but the opportunity just never arose. Friday night our Gymboree location had an RN from Jackson Memorial Hospital come in and go over the basics of CPR and other information important to a paranoia mamma home alone with her newly mobile baby. She covered the basics of how to deal with a choking infant as well as discussions of the dangers of after market items in the car (such as sun shields on the windows) should one get into a car accident.

All in all it was a class that was well worth that time and I'm glad we went. I just hope that the next night we manage to secure a babysitter we can do something a little more intimate, even if it's just dinner and a movie.


Rambler said...

There is Kids CPR class!!! oh didn't know about this one

lady macleod said...

Oh the days of Gymboree. I loved Gymboree! Well done on taking the CPR class. Chances are you will never need it but the best way to prevent an emergency is to be ready for one.
nice blog.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I have to get certified for CPR every year for my job, however, infant isn't always included. This year it was which would come in handy...though I don't really come in contact with babies very often anymore.