Sunday, April 29, 2007

going commando

She is on the move! Yesterday, as if in celebration of her daddy's birthday, Miss MJ decided that she was not going to sit still anymore. You can't call her method of movement crawling since she doesn't get up on her hands and knees, but lying on her belly she pushes off with her arms and wiggles her legs and butt to get momentum. She actually did this commando crawl over the space of 2+ feet in under a minute.

The only catch: she only goes in reverse. Yes, Miss Morgan wiggles her way backwards while smiling up a storm. She's quite proud of herself, as are we. I expect soon she will realize one of two things. Either that she can look over her shoulder and see where she's going or that she can go forwards. :)

I promise that I will take a video of this maneuver but I can't promise how soon I will be able to put it up. The reason I haven't posted videos of her sitting up playing and eating her cereal is that I have run out of room on my hard drive because I take too many videos! Jim has promised me that he is going at long last to build the ever discussed but never realized "media box". As soon as he does that and I can transfer files off my machine on to that I will post another few videos.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah

Anonymous said...

This is aunt ang who left the above comment and yes I had no clue as to how this blog works. So please don't be alarmed it was only me unless you are receiving other comments which I am not aware of. I thought is was great to hear that Morgan is on the move