Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's a miracle

I can't believe it! She fell asleep on her own! I'm still in shock and it happened over 4 hours ago.

It was almost 1 pm and I wasn't ready to get in the car to head out to my mother's house until at least 1:30 so I decided to put my little girl down in her crib under the mobile in hopes that it would entertain her but knowing in reality that I would have to prepare myself to endure the wailing that always ensues when I attempt this little trick. I turned on her mobile, rubbed her tummy and told her I'd be right back (I had to transfer laundry over before leaving at the very least). When I got back into the house (the laundry machines are out in the garage) I went into her room to check on her and lo and behold! She was asleep! She put herself to sleep!

I'm sure it will never happen again, but wow, was it every worth it even if just for today.

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