Thursday, April 26, 2007

A real mom

A week or so ago I got tagged by Stacie to post about what makes a real mom. I'm afraid I have yet to catch these particular issues on film, but they still happen often enough that I'm sure I will eventually be able to add them to our video library. (Ok,the poo thing was a one time occurrence but the others are in our regular repertoire.)

A real mom nonchalantly will wipe the spit up which has just been deposited in her own mouth in order to continue kissing her baby.

A real mom does not freak out when she gets poo in her hair while changing a diaper.

A real mom knows about 100 different baby dancing steps and can sing made up songs the whole time she's dancing.

I'm afraid I don't know many other blogging mamas whom I can tag, but there is always Hilary at Mom's Tin Foil Hat

However, I do know a lot of mamas who have great mama moments.. and a stay-at-home-dad too. So, if you have a "real mom" moment to share, please do!


Debbie B. said...

I think being a real mom is always putting your child's needs before your own -- whether that is letting blood circulate to your arm as your baby *finally* fell asleep on your lap and you're not moving no matter what. Or, waiting to eat, pee, sleep (insert basic functions here) because you need to first do X for the baby. I think these are things we just *do* without question and with love but certainly not the things you thought about doing when you wondered what motherhood would be like.

Nancy B. said...

A real mom forgoes the make-up, curling iron, and ironed blouse (even though she has an important meeting with her boss that day) if it means she gets an extra 20 minutes to play peek-a-boo before she has to leave for work.

Gina K. said...

A real mom sneaks in her baby's room (numerous) times to make sure he is still breathing, even after he's past the "scary" age.

She reads the same book 40 times in a row and still laughs the 40th time when he smiles at the pictures.

Puke, poop, pee and other disgusting bodily functions that use to really gross you out become everyday conversations...sometimes at the dinner table.

Paige said...

Thanks for those, guys. They are great!