Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Who wants solid food? Not Morgan!

So to commemorate Miss Morgan's 5 month birthday I thought we'd give eating solids a try. I found some organic brown rice cereal and mixed it up specially for her. Here we are starting to try to eat.

After much complaining and spitting cereal out the process quickly devolved into Morgan sitting in her chair having a bottle.

What you can't tell from these pictures is that it took me about a half an hour to clean up the mess she made. At least she had a good time. :)


Stacie said...

It's hard to believe that we all start out loathing solids. When she gets a little older, try banana. That's a big hit in my house.

Paige said...

I debated for quite awhile about not giving her any solids for another month and then just starting her on carrots, but, hell I needed a way to entertain myself and her on her birthday. :) And to be honest, the brown rice cereal tastes better than just formula on its own. I'm sure she will love banana as she tries to grab mine from me each time I eat one around her.