Monday, May 21, 2007

a twist of fate

So after my dose of vitriol on Friday fate has decided to make a monkey out of me.

I had to bring my little car into the shop this morning to get new tires and have a general overhaul. The difficulty with that, as any mother knows, is trying to figure out a way to keep a child entertained for numerous hours while waiting for the service to be completed. Thankfully a friend of my father's offered me the use of his car for the day. Morgan and I went to the garage this morning followed by my aunts in the second car.

The catch? The borrowed car is a Suburban. Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful for the use of the loaner, but the irony of the situation has not escaped me. Nor will I forget it later when I have to spend $100 to fill that monster (nicknamed Big Blue).

Being that I am so used to driving a little '93 Camry, this car is an entirely new experience. It's HUGE. No wonder SUV drivers are so oblivious of other drivers on the road. How could you see them around that monster?

Anyway, for anyone out there who dislikes SUVs and, even worse, Hummers (again, something to add to my list of things that sound dirty but aren't) as much as I do, check out FUH2.

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~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

My dad's old car was a blue suburban. It was very difficult to get him to get rid of it, despite the fact that it was dead at the end.

Recently he discovered his old suburban, driven by one of the parents of a student at the school he works at. Wouldn't you know he's already plotting ways of getting it back?