Thursday, May 31, 2007

Last night was hell!

Teething sucks.

MJ has the lung power of an opera star should she choose to be one.


Jenn in Holland said...

Dampen a clean washcloth and freeze. Let her chaw away on it while it thaws.
Get your finger in there and rub rub rub on the swollen bits.

Those are my top two advisements for teeth pain. Oh, and highland teething tablets from the health food store. They dissolve immediately on the tongue.

I am so sorry. For all of you!
Good luck getting them teefs!

Dayngr said...

Highlands teething tablets work great but you can get them at Walgreens & CVS now not just the health food stores. Also, baby anbesol - now they have q-tip applicators with the medication already in them and they work well because seriously, have you ever tried to get the gel in just the right spot when applying it with your fingertips?!

I also recommend the Fresh Baby Food Feeder by Munchkin. Just fill it with frozen fruit or ice and let her go to town! It's safe.

Paige said...

Thanks for the suggestions. Last night we went through record amounts of Hylands but they seemed to have no effect. I've always been a bit wary of anbesol or oragel because I don't like the idea of having her tongue numbed when it's time for bed.

The frozen washcloth works great during the day - so does a celery stick - but she just won't have any of it at night. I tried rubbing her gums last night too and it had no effect. By that point she was in what I refer to as Triple M (Major MJ Meltdown) and there was no soothing her.

I'll definitely look into the mesh feeder. Again, only a day time thing, but that's good too since today we hit record highs in the whiny category.

Send me good pain free sleep vibes tonight!

Dayngr said...

Paige, the anbesol swabs are so precise in their application that I don't think you'll have an issue with her tongue. Take a peek @ them the next time you are at the drugstore or pharm or target etc. :::Sending pain-free, sleepy vibes::::