Tuesday, May 29, 2007

sleep crawling

A little over a month and a half ago I put up a post about MJ's habit of trying to roll over in her sleep. At the time I thought it was odd. Now, not so much.

We had a rough night last night. I knew it would be since she had been working so hard on trying to crawl all day and right before bed I noticed that her gums were swollen. Looks like this is going to be a double whammy week. Joy of joys.

About once every hour MJ would wake herself (and therefore me) up because she had managed to face plant into her mattress. Each time I went in there her butt was up in the air and she looked like she was digging to China. Maybe she was trying to get to her aunt and uncle in Hong Kong. What do I know?

What I do know is that this is only the beginning. She is now sleep crawling which, if she follows the pattern she did when she was sleep rolling, means that she will be a very mobile little girl inside of a week. I'd better get my ass in gear and start doing some serious baby proofing around here.

Poor cats have no idea what they are in for. Run, Simba, while you still have whiskers and the chance to get away!


Brillig said...

Oh my goodness. My baby was doing that same thing about a week ago. And now he is indeed fully mobile. AAAAAHHHHHKKK!! I called hubby and told him that I had just started to get the hang of four kids, but four MOBILE kids is a WHOLE DIFFERENT BALL GAME! I mean, I'm excited for him and all, but YIKES! It makes life a LOT more complicated!

Stacie said...

Welcome to hell, kitty.

I've just clicked your ad (I think 5 times but I keep getting distracted) in ad karma. The link to super-femmy dresses amuses me.

Paige said...

brillig - I can't even *imagine* dealing with 4 at once.

Stacie - oh yeah, bring on the punishment! I missed the super femmy dress ads, but I suppose it's only right. I hate that shit and you get formula ads. lol

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Good luck with the baby proofing.

I wonder if this is an indication that she will also sleep walk once she reaches that stage? Interesting.

Rambler said...

I guess this will make you lose more pounds even before you can know it :)

Stacie said...

Today it's all about plant lights. Context specific my ass.

Heather said...

I demand more recent pictures!! =)

brandy said...

Good luck with the baby proofing! I recently helped a friend go through with that, and seriously (!) that's some hard work!. Who knew cabinet doors could be so dangerous?